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Alerts (and other FYI's)

Aug 20th ~ Update on Local Improvement ~ Garbage pick up is tomorrow.  If you live on Pauls Cres, please have your bin located on 3rd Street (Loraas Disposal in consultation with the Engineers have determined that the Loraas trucks should not be on Pauls Cres at this time, nor on 1st St).  If you live on 6th Ave, pick up will be as per usual on that street.....no need to re-locate.  If you live on 1st St, between 4th Ave and 1st Ave, you will have to move your bin out to the closest intersecting Avenue.  Again, we remind folks that the bins need to be at least 4 ft apart, and please make a note of the number on the bin so as to ensure you are bringing the correct bin back to your property.

Aug 10th ~ Update on Local Improvement ~ We have just been informed that digging on Pauls Crescent will begin tomorrow morning.  There will be no ability to use the road at all (no driving on, no parking) for at least a week, probably closer to a week and a half.  It is our understanding that the Community Church on 3rd Street will allow parking on their lot for the interim, however, please park as close to 3rd St as possible, facing east, and please stay off the grass!  Thanks so much to the Community Church for agreeing to this.  Folks on the south side of Pauls Cres may park in the alley, but not on the north side as there is not sufficient room in the north alley to allow for parking.

Aug 7th ~ Local Improvement Update ~ 1st Street does not yet have all the base in so will be closed from 1st Avenue to 4th Avenue over the weekend.  This work will be ongoing next week and hopefully towards the end of the week there may be some ability to travel on that road, weather and work dependent.
The concrete work on 1st Street was supposed to start again this morning but likely will not because of the rain – later next week is the plan.
The area between 4th and 6th will be worked on next week. 6th Ave can be used for the time being and recycle pick-up next week should be normal street pick-up.

Aug 6th Update - since rain is definitely in the forecast for Friday the landscaper will move the planned time for doing weed control to Tuesday, August 11th

FYI - Aug 5th - A landscape company will be in town on Friday and/or Monday (need little wind and no rain) to do some weed control in the park area around the paddling pool and The Gathering Place, as well as Parkview Cove Park and Communities in Bloom Park – the product they are using is child and pet friendly, however, it is recommended that animals and people stay off these areas until the application has dried. It will likely be done in the very early hours of the morning.

~ Aug 4 2015 ~ Update on Local Improvement Project
(Subject to Change)

6th Ave will be closed today and tomorrow and then should reopen again for temporary use.
1st Street will be excavated and fill hauled in through to 4th Ave but no further work will be done between 4th and 6th until Friday morning. 
It is unlikely that they will get to Pauls Cres until at least the 10th of Aug– weather dependent of course.
When they get to Pauls Cres, it will mean a week of closure while they excavate and rebuild, then it will be open again temporarily. 
If all goes well it is anticipated the entire contract with PPL will be complete by not later than mid-September.  
Virtue Construction will come in approx the third week of September and remove the fill – replacing it with top soil.  At that time, we again touch base regarding when seed can be spread on the top soil – probably mid-October so that it won’t germinate until Spring. 

July 30 2015 ~ The Fire Ban has been lifted for the RM of Corman Park

1st Street and 6th Avenue Residents ~ July 24 2015

We have received a couple of inquiries about the space of land between the new sidewalks and private properties.  Please rest assured that this 'no mans land' will be dealt with in some fashion.  The gravel that is being placed at this time is temporary as, for safety reasons, there can not be a 'drop' onto the private properties.  The contractor doing the road work does not do landscaping and so that part of the project will have to wait until the whole project is completed.  Council will be reviewing the finishing portion of the local improvement on July 28th, and of course will be advising residents once they have a plan. Council is not in a position to finalize this matter until the work is completed on all three streets.

July 7 2015 - Local Improvement:  After many years of discussion, consultation and planning, the Council is pleased to advise that the Local Improvement for 1st Street, 6th Avenue and Pauls Crescent will be moving forward.  The Construction Bylaw was passed at the Council meeting on July 6th. The tender was awarded to Paramount Paving and you will see them moving into the community by mid July with a target completion date in September or October, weather dependent.  During the course of construction there will likely be a need to drop off information regarding parking, construction time lines and the like.  If you live on one of the streets affected, please keep an eye on your mailbox as the notices will be hand delivered.  They will also appear on the Town of Osler website.  The location and timing of work is currently being compiled and it is anticipated that work will commence with 6th Avenue.  Please be patient with changes to traffic patterns, parking and possible street closures.  If the weather cooperates this project will be completed in 3 months and under budget, possibly as much as 15%.  A saving passed on to the property owners.  

Click Here to see a report on Canada Day Celebrations

Click Here to see a video of the Osler Canada Day Parade compliments of Rick Zarowny.

The Paddling Pool is open for the season! Check out our pool page for more information.. click here

The Mill Rate and Base Tax has now been set.  Click on the following links to see the bylaws:

Mill Rate Bylaw

Base Tax Bylaw

Penalties and Discounts Bylaw

It is anticipated that Tax Notices will be sent out prior to the end of June.  Please call the office if you have any further questions.

The Town of Osler has a new logo!  Click Here to View

A Huge Thank-you to Affinity Credit Union, our town will be enjoying a new Event Tent (hopefully for years to come). The cost of this tent was completely covered by the Affinity's Community Grant.  Click on the following Photo Op

Summer Hours begin May 19th - Town Office hours (until September 8th, 2015) will be: Mon to Fri - 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm

2015 Loraas Waste Collect Schedeule

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