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Alerts (and other FYI's)

May 4 2016~Osler's Fire Chief has issued a fire ban within the boundaries of the Town.  As of 9 pm tonight no open fires, including firepits, chimineas, and the like are allowed until further notice. This ban includes previously approved firepits.  Barbeques, firepits, and fireplaces operated by propane or natural gas are not included in the ban.  Click Here to view the Fire Map for Saskatchewan.

Emergency Preparedness Week~May 1 – 7, 2016

Emergency Preparedness Week (EP Week) is an annual event that commenced in 1996 and takes place each year during the first full week of May. The 2016 National Theme is:  Plan. Prepare. Be Aware.  This is a collaborative event undertaken by provinces, emergency management organizations supporting activities at the local level and with Public Safety Canada.  

Emergency Preparedness (EP) is everyone’s responsibility. Some individuals may not have the support or capacity to deal with emergencies. Reach out to neighbors, family and friends who may be vulnerable or unable to support themselves during an emergency, Plan, Prepare, Be Aware

How Prepared Are You?  To find out click here and take the quiz

RM Residents - Please note the following Notice from the RM of Corman Park:

The Fire Chiefs for the respective fire departments serving the R.M. of Corman Park have requested that a full fire ban be implemented in the R.M. of Corman Park, effective immediately.  They indicate that due to very dry conditions, and the number of fires occurring in the area that this is necessary. The ban will be put in place immediately, and does not allow for any open flame fires to be lit within the R.M. of Corman Park until such time that the ban is lifted.  At such time that we receive adequate moisture to make conditions better the ban will be lifted.  This does not include the Town of Osler at this time.

April 13, 2016 - Loraas Disposal has just delivered the garden waste bin this morning. Same as last year, it is located at the south end of 1st Street. Please use this bin for grass clippings and garden waste only. Bags must be emptied into the bin. Please do not throw bags in the compost bin. A second bin is provided for the exclusive use of disposing of any plastic bags.

RM Residents - Have a new phone number to report a controlled burn 1-866-404-4911 ~ As of April 15th a fire ban is in place for the RM of Corman Park

A Huge Thank-You from the Town of Osler to the Affinity Credit Union!  Once again, their Community Development Fund has come through for us.  $2,710.62 has been deposited to the ‘Concrete on the Rink Project’ 

Town Office Winter Hours - change to Fall/Winter Hours effective Sept 8, 2015.  Office hours will be 8:30 am to 12 noon and 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Want your Utility Bill emailed? Click Here for the printable Consent Form

The Town of Osler has a new logo!  Click Here to View

2016 Loraas Waste Collect Schedeule (click to view)

Once again the 2016 Loraas Collection Schedule has been printed on handy little fridge magnets, which will be mailed out with the December Utility Notices.

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