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The Town maintains a Policy and Procedure Manual that contains many policies.  These are just a few that may interest residents.  Of course, you may contact the Town Office to inquire about any policy or procedures the town may have on record.  Click on any of the following links to open a .pdf document to view or print:

Capital Infrastructure Strategy - Waterworks

****Schedule A to Above ***

Capital Infrastructure Strategy - Wastewaterworks

Registering Concerns

Custom Work (and Office Services)

Economic Development - Tax Incentives

Event Request Submissions (to include events on the town's website)

Newsletter Submission Requests (to include events in the town's monthly Newsletter)

Damage to Town-owned Property

Local Improvements Policy

PID (Property Information Disclosure) Policy and Application Process

Development (Concept Plan) Submissions Policy

Community Hall Rental Rates

Community Hall Agreement

Community Hall Rental Policy